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News and olds regarding unimportant projects.

Mega Man 89:P Released

I made another dumb April fools thing. Get it here

2ndcoop Released

My newest MM8BDM mod, 2ndcoop has been released. Cop it here

This is a bit of a weird project. It was started almost 6 years ago with the intention of mocking certain popular mods. However, it almost morphed into a semi-competent (maybe) map pack with nearly 30 levels.

Regardless, I am planning to release 2 pieces of bonus content (a bonus episode and a boss rush / survival thing) and several spin offs.

What Is Your Name, DIRP v6a Released

My new "game" "What Is Your Name?" has been released. Play it here.

DIRP v6a was released. It adds 8 new weapons and adds MM8BDM v5b compatibility. Get it here.

I am currently working on various other projects, mainly all MM8BDM mods at this point.

New Releases

I have released some more things over the past few months. Here are the new updates and software.

ZDoom Resource Randomizer 1.2 was released. It adds a GUI. Get it here.

DIRP v5a was released. It adds 8 new weapons, 1 new item, and adds MM8BDM v5 compatibility. Get it here.

Haggler VNE was released. This was the game engine I used in "The Haggler" for HaxeFlixel. Get it here.

I updated my mini modes for MM8BDM v5 and created "Megahot" mode based on the game SuperHot. Get it here.

I released "Random File Picker". This allows you to run a randomly selected file from a list. Get it here.

Morphology Released

I have released another game I made for a class project. It is a simple turn-based puzzle game

Play it offline or online.

I hope to complete some more games over the summer. I have some older demos as well as some new ideas. Let's just leave LMSGames 2 and The Haggler 2 as potential options...

ZDoomRandomizer Version 1.1 Released

Adds the ability to randomize sprites.

Get it here